CIL-Intro Kit: Introduction to Chemical Isotope Labeling LC-MS


This one-of-a-kind kit is tailored to familiarize first-time users with the CIL LC-MS process for high coverage metabolomics analysis.

Briefly, the CIL-Intro Kit includes the following: testing samples, reagents (for chemical isotope labeling reactions) and guides for pre-acquisition sample normalization and LC-MS analysis. Reference data of the testing samples are also provided for users to gauge their sample preparation and LC-MS system performance. This kit is designed to allow users to optimize procedures and instrument conditions prior to proceeding with real-sample analysis.


For research purposes only. Not for diagnostic or clinical use. Not for consumption.


This kit contains the following:
    • Reagent Jar 1: Lyophilized reagents A, B and C
    • Reagent Jar 2: Liquid reagent D
    • Sample Jar 1: Four lyophilized labeled and unlabeled samples
    • Consumables


All contents of the kits (reagents and samples) should be stored at -20 °C of or lower for maximal storage life with the exception of the liquid reagent container which may be stored at 4 °C.


All applicable Standard Operating Procedure(s) (SOP) and Safety Datasheet(s) (SDS) will be included with this product. Digital copies may be available upon request. A tutorial video will be also provided for training purposes.

Catalog No.    NMT-4189-KT

1 case per quantity.