Dansyl-labeling Kit for Hydroxyl Metabolomics I


Ready-to-use kit for hydroxyl submetabolome analysis using a high-performance chemical isotope labeling (CIL) LC-MS technique. The kit is sufficient for the analysis of 24 samples.


For research purposes only. Not for diagnostic or clinical use. Not for consumption.

Suitable for quantitative and comprehensive hydroxyl submetabolome analysis:

Kit I (NMT-4145-KT): For high-protein samples (e.g., serum, plasma, etc.)

Kit II (NMT-4156-KT): For low-protein samples (e.g., urine, cell extracts, tissue extract, CSF, saliva, feces, tear, sweat, etc.)

Please note that sample composition may affect the kit suitability, e.g. urine samples with high protein content should consider using Kit I (NMT-4145-KT) instead.


This kit contains the following:
    • Reagent: Lyophilized reagents A, B, C and liquid reagent D
    • Consumables (optional, available upon request)


Store the product at -20 °C or lower for maximal storage life with the exception of the liquid reagent container, which may be stored at 4 °C.


All applicable Standard Operating Procedure(s) (SOP) and Safety Datasheet(s) (SDS) will be included with this product. Digital copies may be available upon request.

Catalog No.    NMT-4145-KT

1 case per quantity.