HP-CIL Pooled Sample Set For Serum Metabolomics Training


This HP-CIL Pooled Sample Set is for users to train and verify their chemical isotope labeling techniques for a specific type of sample. This product contains: unlabeled serum sample, reagents to perform 4-channel chemical isotope labeling and correspondingly labeled sample prepared by NovaMT.

The two serum samples (unlabeled vs labeled) are paired; the labeled sample was generated by chemical isotope labeling the unlabeled serum sample. Users are to use the included reagents and perform 4-channel labeling following the SOP for CIL. The user's labeled samples are then run in combination with the included labeled sample to verify their sample preparation and labeling techniques, as well as their LC-MS instrument.

All standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be provided with this product including the following: sample handling and labeling, sample normalization and LC-MS analysis. As well, LC-MS data will be provided for user comparison.


For research purposes only. Not for diagnostic or clinical use. Not for consumption. Contains human serum from healthy donors but should still be considered biohazardous. The product must be handled with caution under the assumption that there is a possibility for transmittance of infectious diseases. All operations must be performed with proper biosafety equipment, following laboratory and governmental regulations. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, lab coats and lab goggles is required when handling this product.


This product contains: unlabeled serum sample, reagents to perform CIL experiments and labeled serum sample.


All contents of the kits (reagents and samples) should be stored at -20 °C or lower for maximal storage life with the exception of the liquid reagent container which may be stored at 4 °C.


All applicable Standard Operating Procedure(s) (SOP) and Safety Datasheet(s) (SDS) will be included with this product. Digital copies may be available upon request.

Catalog No.    NMT-4310-KT

1 case per quantity.