Metabolomic Profiling Analysis for Amine & Phenol Metabolomics


This service aims at comprehensively and quantitatively exploring the amine/phenol submetabolome metabolome without any prior information, providing a global view of a sample. It tries to detect, quantify and compare as many metabolites as possible between samples without bias. NovaMT HP-CIL Metabolomics Platform will be used in this service to improve analysis performance, to increase metabolome coverage and to achieve accurate quantification for all detectable metabolites. Typically thousands of metabolites (not features) can be detected and quantified for common sample types (e.g., urine, serum, etc.).

This all-in-one service package includes sample preparation, instrumental analysis, metabolite identification, data processing and common statistical analyses. Comprehensive analysis report will be generated for customers. Every step of service work (from sample analysis to data processing) requires strict adherence to well-designed standard operating procedures (SOPs).


This service is suitable for many common types of sample, including but not limited to serum, plasma, urine, feces, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, tissues, cells (primary and cultured), yeasts, bacteria, food (e.g., milk), plant extracts, etc. If your sample type does not appear on these lists, more discussion is required. However, we will do our utmost best to accommodate the customer’s needs.

Supporting Materials

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and instructions will be provided for sample collection (if needed) and sample shipment. More discussions on the project objectives and sample information may be required.

Catalog No.    MA-5101-SV

For 1 sample per quantity.