NovaMT CIL LC-MS Metabolomics Solution

NovaMT Metabolome-Analyzer

A turn-key solution for quantitative and near-complete metabolomic analysis.

Module #1: Metabolome-Sample-Normalizer

  • A complete solution for normalizing concentrations of samples in a metabolomics project, which is critical for quantitative metabolomics with high accuracy and precision.

  • Applicable to all sample types such as urine, CSF, feces, cell extracts, tissue extract, etc.

  • High-throughput for handling a large number of samples.

  • Sample normalization is also applicable to other metabolomics techniques such as label-free LC-MS approaches.

Module #2: HACK Labeling

  • High-performance chemical isotope labeling technique, providing quantitative and highly sensitive LC-MS detection.

  • Four-channel HACK Labeling including: Hydroxyl, Amine (phenol), Carboxylic acid and Ketone (aldehyde), which renders near-complete metabolome coverage.

  • Ready-to-use kits with clear SOP(s) and tutorial videos.

  • One-of-a-kind Intro Kits and Training Sample Sets for first-time users.

Module #3: High-resolution LC-MS

  • One simple LC-MS setup with positive ion detection including the following: an LC system with C18 column and an electrospray ionization high-resolution mass spectrometer (e.g., TOF, QTOF, FT-MS or Orbitrap), for convenient, robust and stable operation.

  • Multiple LC-MS analysis options are available for the optimal balance between metabolome coverage and analysis speed, including a 12-min analysis with high metabolome coverage and a 4-min fast analysis suitable for high-throughput studies.

  • LC-MS consumable and reagent kits ensuring high-quality, accurate and precise detection.

Module #4: Software and Database

  • One-stop software: from data to reports and publications!

  • One-click data processing, metabolite identification, statistical analysis, and pathway analysis with comprehensive analysis report generation.

  • Confident metabolite identification using a unique three-tiered identification approach.