Our Mission:

  • NovaMT provides services on quantitative metabolomics. These services include large scale metabolomic profiling of multiple samples for biological studies, biomarker discovery, etc.

  • NovaMT uses a unique high-performance platform based on chemical isotope labeling (CIL) LC-MS to produce accurate relative quantification results of up to 10,000 metabolites. Many of them can be identified using NovaMT standard library (>1000 unique metabolites) and mass-matched to structures in metabolome databases.

  • NovaMT has robust in-house developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) for handling many different types of samples ranging from biofluids to cell extracts.

    • Our Promise:

      • Our goal is to generate the highest quality analytical results for your samples. For each project, we provide detailed documentations including metadata, results tables, statistical analysis, etc. for easy data inspection and downstream analysis, if needed.
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