High Performance Chemical Isotope Labeling (HP-CIL) Metabolomics Platform

The HP-CIL Metabolomics Platform is a turn-key solution for quantitative and comprehensive metabolomic analysis. Relied on high performance chemical isotope labeling (CIL) combined with ultra-high performance liquid chromatography high-resolution mass spectrometry (UHPLC-HRMS) detection, this platform addresses the core problems in conventional metabolomics approach, including low metabolite coverage, poor quantification ability, etc. It offers the advantages of high detection sensitivity, accurate and precise quantification, and is easy-to-use with high reproducibility.

More Accurate and Precise Quantitative Analysis

The 12C/13C-dual labeling system can directly obtain the 13C-isotopic internal standard for all labeled metabolites, effectively overcoming the effects of instrument drift and sample matrix during quantitative analysis. It can also easily eliminates all single-peak noises. Quantitative accuracy and precision greatly surpasses conventional metabolomics approach.

Higher Detection Sensitivity

Chemical derivatization introduces hydrophobic groups and easily ionizable groups to increase the chargeability and ionization efficiency of metabolites by 10-1000 times.

Higher Metabolome Coverage

Multi-channel derivatization reagents were developed to analyze amine/phenol, carboxyl, hydroxyl and carbonyl submetabolome. The combination of submetabolomes provides a high coverage analysis of the entire metabolome.

More Comprehensive Three-tiered Metabolite Identification

Three-tiered metabolite identification approach provides comprehensive and meaningful identification results with different levels of confidence.

Product Composition

Universal Sample Normalization Solution

A universal solution for measuring the sample total metabolite concentration for normalization in metabolomics study;

Applicable to other metabolomics techniques;

High-throughput for handling a large number of samples.

HACK Multi-Channel Labeling Solution

High performance chemical isotope labeling technology combined with LC-MS detection achieve metabolomics analysis with high detection sensitivity and accurate and precise quantification;

Four-channel HACK Labeling including: Hydroxyl, Amine (phenol), Carboxylic acid and Ketone (aldehyde), which renders near-complete metabolome coverage;

Convenient ready-to-use kit with professional and complete standard operating procedures (SOP);

One-of-a-kind Intro Kits and Training Sets for first-time users.

Products: 4-Channel Labeling Kit, HP-CIL Metabolomics Training Kit

High-resolution LC-MS Solution

Compatible with all major brands of liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry;

One simple LC-MS setup for convenient, robust and stable operation: the analysis can be carried out only using reversed phase liquid chromatography with positive ion mode acquisition;

Rapid analysis methods are available for high-throughput analysis.

Data processing and interpretation solutions

One-stop software, which can efficiently and conveniently complete the entire process from raw data to quantitative analysis;

One-click to complete data processing, metabolite identification, statistical analysis with comprehensive analysis report generation;

Confident metabolite identification using a unique three-tiered identification approach.

Products: software, database